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Peter Fujii - Guitar

Born in Detriot and growing up in the melting pot of the S.F. bay area, guitarist Peter Fujii has developed a rich and diverse musical style. Having so many different cultures in the area made it easy to be exposed to many styles of music: blues, jazz, rock, latin, african, classical and the unique style of Oaktown funk made it easy to blend and blur the lines between styles. Now Peter Fujii hopes that this kind of World Fusion will help bring the hearts and minds of people together.

"Victims of the groove"is the latest project.

Mr. Fujii has been blessed to have worked with: Estter Phillips, Pharaoh Sanders, Hank Crawford,   Steve Ferrone, David Garribaldi, Hilton Ruiz, Giovanni Hidalgo, Sikiru Adupoju, James Levi, Rusty Allen, Dramatics, Chis Issac, producer Quincey Jones, Benard Edwards, George Lucas, Thomas Dolby, Guthrie Govan, and Larry Schneider .